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UofHell's SGA's President for 2012/13 Should Be...

So there's this fat greasy pig fuck douche bag that I can't stand, that I see everywhere on campus. Recently, it was asked of him if he was going to vote in the SGA elections, and he replied with an unequivocal “absolutely not”, like the dickhead he has consistently been. I remember we got into an argument in study room at Davidson Hall about Leonardo Dicaprio, and he said something about putting Dicaprio in a dress,

or some stupid shit like that, but it was the tone, and it was like he was defending his oldness, his Star Wars lovin', fat nerd shit, that 30+ year olds would know about, and he takes up a ton of space, and when he rocks his leg, while barely squeezing into a classroom seat, but he acts like he's King of the Nerds, and acts like he's so fuken cool, and I guess it pisses me off because he's such a tool, but his bullying/abusive tactics has evidently made him some friends, but still... who'd want to be a fat greasy pig fuck douche bag's bitch ? To be real, what self-respecting person would want to be anybody's bitch ?

Anyways, this is supposed to be about the Presidential Elections with SGA this year. So, beginning in 2010/2011, U of L's SGA President was Sana Absari, an Iranian Queen. Then the next year, 2011/2012, Kurtis Frizzell, the first openly Gay Man became President of U of L's SGA. Now for the 2012/2013 election were are looking at two very similar choices, between two white, seemingly straight, 20ish, Greek (Matt Morley of Kappa Sigma vs. Justin Brandt of Sigma Chi), male Mitch McConnell Scholars. There are two choices left, after Travis Gault dropped out, which means we may never see a Fixed Tuition Rate locked into place. Senator Gault spoke about a fully functioning infrastructure, and the website was overhauled, so I wonder if that was the infrastructure he was talking about.

Learning from Frizzell's slate last year, “Cardinal Direction”, the races for this year are turning into a real nailbiter. The slate system is absolutely key in the SGA elections, and with both candidates slated up, with at least 20 candidate's in each person's slates, lots of folks have already divved themselves up, both Brandt and Morley are equally qualified to run the Presidency, both Brandt and Morley have Greek support backing them (which was also a key component in last year's election, and probably for many elections before then), and both candidate's bring with them a slate of ideas too. If we were to be objective, and based our voting decisions on who would generate the best policy, who could you work with, or could lead the Senate the best, and not who is nicest to us before the election, or who buttered us up before voting time. It's all about the policies. If my best friend was elected President, and that person was too weak-willed to stand up to Pharoah Ramses, especially about the extremely important issue of tuition hikes, then we as a Student Body will get less. How great of a display would it be to be to bring a 100 people with you to a Board of Trustee's meeting ? Especially if the President of SGA, whose the figurehead of the student body, which gives them lots of power, IF they choose to use it, calls for action, then action will happen, and if the right decision is not made, it's up to them to proceed as they wish. But to speak out at injustice and abuse everywhere is what has to be done. Martin Luther King Jr. said that injustice anywhere was a threat to justice everywhere. Well... that's enough dreaming... Ultimately, at least I hope, this campaign will be about about Ideas. Which Slate is offering the better proposal of ideas ? Whose giving us, the students, the most ? Whose going to have the best cabinet, and whose going to fight for us the students the most, and who will be the most effective ?

The race is between Justin Brandt of CardVision and Max Morley of CardUnite.

Here's some of Justin Brandt's Vision:

1 – More outlets in E
kstrom Library now!
2 – The Student Voice is represented at the Board of Trustees and other University Committees
3 – Reduce the extra fee for online courses!
4 – More coffee machines, for late sessions!
5 – The new Recreation Center meets the need of the students and is on schedule!
6 – Make the ULMobile App better!
7 – During Finals, the Old side of the Library is open longer!
8 – SGA staff hirings are based solely on merit and willingness to work!
9 – Continue the efforts of the previous SGA administrations to halt tuition hikes!
10 – Humana Gym remains operational, until new Recreation Center is open!
11 – The SGA Budget and Minutes are clearly defined and transparent!
12 – The UofL Football tailgate experience is stronger, along with other athletic traditions and services.

Osiah Graham, AVP candidate from Max Morley's CardUnite, has a fresh, obtainable platform for AVP, check it out: Grading Scale

1 – Force the Faculty Undergraduate Council to remove the A- from UofL’s grading scale.
2 – Make Advisors Accountable with Evaluations!
3 – Bring in Advisor Track, a program geared to assist advisors in keeping students on a four-year track, to the UofL student body. Currently, Advisor Track serves our entire student athletes and is a proven method to limiting mistakes in advising.
4 – Promote UofL Swap, a Craigslist for only UofL students, that aim to lower the cost of books and increase a sense of community that students aren’t aware of!
5 – Make GEN 101 teach you the basics about U of L, like the Career Development Center to the National Student Exchange Program to REACH services!

Jeff Lamb, A&S President candidate of Max Morley's CardUnite's main goals for council are::

1 – Surveys !
2 – Give my office a lounge feel!
3 – Stay in contact with Dean Hudson!
4 – Transparency of everything we do !

EVP candidate Mike Schoen from Morley's CardUnion wants:
1 – Finishing the new Rec Center on time!
2 – RSO Databases! Orgsync!
3 – Student forums!

Nneka Amadife, current TFF and candidate for A&S senate, wants to continue to be apart of SGA and promises innovative initiatives.

In other news:

I talked to a member of The Administration about the inevitable tuition hikes, and they put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Steve Beshear, and his 6.4% cut. For college money to not be touched, then funds will have to come from Corrections (Kentucky can claim the coveted #1 spot for having the Fastest Growing Prisons in the Nation!), or State Pensions, or Medicaid, or other “entitlement” programs. Lavish State Pensions okay. Medicaid Waste sure. But we can't get rid of these programs. No Correction, with the Northpoint debacle, and the Grant County Jail debacle, and the Carroll County debacle, the current Private/Public collarborations have not served the Commonwealth well, and locking people, and forcing them into chain gangs, should never be a For-Profit industry. By getting $500 outta of 20,000 students, that equals $10 MILLION dollars, so how could the Board of Trustee's not resist ? Could you imagine what SGA could do with $10 MILLION dollars ? But unfortunately all of that money will go to the projects that the Board of Trustees have going on. The Administration also said that because of Fixed Costs, like electricity, it was important to raise our Tuition.

The US Bank machines were taken off campus, which is bullshit. Some say that those who grabbed the ATMs were sketchy looking, but who knows.

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