Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Cardinal Critique, Jan. 17, 2012

Elijah McKenzie. Great article. Another ad from the Province; their solid hold on the front page banner ad, and another quarter page ad. College Book Warehouse; Sun Tan city; and CSL Plasma; for poor college students to donate their blood in order to get a quick $50. Unless you skinny. Then you get $35.

Pharoah Ramsey is getting some bonuses, just like AIG and Bank of Amerika did when Joe Nobody taxpayer bailed them out under George W. Bush's watch. Plus these bonuses...

push Pharoah Ramsey from making 6 figures, to 7, with his million dollar plus salary. He will make 2 million dollars in bonuses, if he decides to stick around with us, which is doubtful, since he's had two prestigious offers, that he's mentioned to the media about, no doubt to put the pressure on the Board of Trustees, who, by the way, are 30 old, crusty, corrupt, rich elite businessmen, the 1%, who continue to give pay raises and bonuses to their cronies, while jacking up student's tuition consistly since the 1950s.

Pharoah Ramsey gets a 25% pay increase, in addition to the 5 percent salary raise he already received this year. Plus many faculty members received raises too.

Ohio State University Gordon Gee donated his million plus salary back to the University he was working at. All of it. Pharoah Ramsey has made no such offer, nor will he.

The article about SGA opposing the paltry $2 million dollar offer for the SAC Center was good. Kevin Miller, the Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director, was pissed off about the SGA Resolution. SGA said that they would take $10 million dollars for it.

It was a good article, but I still maintain that the Cardinal is pro-Establishment, and that the hard questions will not be asked of Pharoah Ramsey, or our elected politicians, or our SGA representatives. It's a paper that nobody picks up because they don't write about anything relevant or interesting.

But what about the issues that weren't covered ? SGA always talks about a million things, and I couldn't find their minutes of their December meeting posted on their website anywhere... so I guess the student body and the world will never know what was discussed at that meeting.

That's both the SGA and the Cardinal's fault. Plus the Cardinal didn't write shit up about Gatewood Galbraith. They forgot to mention his death. Hell, they barely mentioned him in the newspaper when he ran for Governor of Kentucky a few months ago. He was in favor of a $5,000 voucher.

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