Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Occupy Louisville 2012 Update

It's Wednesday, January 25, 2012, Day #115 of the Occupy Louisville, whose in Founder's Square,
still today. Jaison Ashley Gardner, a U of L Alumni, and the man who secured the permit for Occupy Louisville, says that Occupy Louisville is about "a whole lot more than corporate greed”, including the death penalty and equal rights for homosexual partnerships, according to an article by Joseph Lord of the Courier-Journal. Rush Cosgrove...

read a statement voted and approved by Occupy Louisville's General Assembly that said, “We will continue to occupy Louisville so that the common voice of the people is heard loudly in these halls, until such time as we are convinced its reverberations will continue indefinitely without our presence." Protester Jason Eisenmenger, an engineering student at the University of Louisville who also works full-time for the university, filled out the permit request and paid the $40 processing fee for the new permit request. Here's a list of abandoned buildings in Louisville, Kentucky available right now for any person being forced to sleep under a bridge: 945 S. 6th Street 729 S. 6th Street 1031 S. 6th Street 1024 W. Main Street (Biese Slave Building) 609 S. 28th Street 2724, 2728 W. Chestnut Street 1025, 1027, 1031, 1034, 1036 S. 28th Street 2533 Greenwood Avenue 1028 S. 26th Street An update on Occupy Louisville, since the Cordish Company bought Louisville Gardens to build their world class Casino, they also bought Founder's Park, or so they thought, for $1 per year, for the next 99 years. But unfortunately, nobody knows who owns Founder's Square, or how the city came to acquire it, so it can't be determined how it should be used. If the park was donated by a nice benefactor with direct orders of making a Museum out of the place, then that's how the land has to be used. If the park was purchased by the city from a private party, then it can do with it as they wish. But nobody knows how Founder's Park was one day considered the City of Louisville's. In fact, the lawyers call Founder's Park, an "undefined space" because of this very predicament. So that undefined space that Cordish Companies paid $1 for the next 99 years could have been donated by anybody. Here on Dark and Bloody ground, we got the blood of American Revolutionary War martyrs; the blood of Shawnee braves, and Chickasaw, and Cherokee, and the Yuchi; the blood of Catholic Germans; the blood from the drippings of the strange fruit swinging in our trees. That could have been Frederick Douglass, Sally Hemmings, or Harriet Tubman that donated Founder's Square to the City of Louisville. And that would make Founder's Square hallowed and sacred ground, ground where you'd have to remove your sandals when you walk on it. I bet City Center is going to be a Casino. Even though the Louisville Revolution started on October 4, 2011, this fight over Founder's Square has gone back further than that. The Cordish Companies' Dynasty goes back to 1910, the year after 2 year old Puyi became the last Imperial Emperor of China. Jon Cordish and his family are shrewd developers. The Cordish Companies are tightly held by four generations of privately-held, family ownership. Cordish Companies are a global conglomerate real estate development operators of many entertainment districts and casinos throughout the world. I bet City Center is a Casino ! That's why Cordish Companies happen to have bought Founder's Square, in a deal that sells Madison Gardens to Cordish Companies, for a gigantic Casino... since Kentucky is virtually guaranteed one come November, when the public overwhelmingly votes in favor of legalizin Casinos in Kentucky. The Cordish Company still owns and manages virtually every business it has created. the Cordish Family holds their kingdom with an iron fist. the Cordish company operates lots of entertainment districts, with a range of entertainment businesses: such as gaming, film, as in movies, and other private ventures. The company enters its eleventh decade well-capitalized and highly energized to continue its growth... except for in Baltimore, where the Cordish Company has nearly bankrupted that town. The cordish Companies owns Fourth Street Live. January 21, 2010: the Supreme Court Citizen's United decision that has decided to legalize money in political campaigns, since we all know, that spending money is Constitutionally protected under the first amendment of the US Constitution. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, both stooges of big money, are happy with this decision. So the establishment can't understand how a tent is necessary to accomadate free speech during the winter time, but they can dead Presidents talking ? The 1st amendment protects money and bullshit. And if Mayor Fischer's corporate contributors wanted to pitch a tent, and camp out, I'm sure he would have no issue with it. Mayor Fischer agrees with Citizen's United, and he's been itching to send in his thugs to steal their tents. But our fight goes back all the way to the beginning. The US Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787, 11 years after the Declaration of Independence, and the First amendment, which protects the right to free speech, was adopted into the constitution on December 15, 1791, 15 years after the Declaration of Independence, most credit goes to Patrick Henry, for starting the Revolutionary War, and then for jockeying for the rights of the martyrs who died in the Cause of liberty, and no credit should be given to the Federalists. Homeland Security and US Marshall Services were on the scene at the recent between corporations and government demonstration in Louisville. Naomi Klein has pointed out how Capitalism is on the decline. David S. Cordish's sons, Blake, Reed, and Jonathan, has taken over Cordish Companies, which is a Billion dollar company. They specialize in Public/Private ownership, where the public is fucked, made to foot the bill for new sidewalks and bathrooms, and the private plutocracy collect all the profits, or in the form of campaign contributions. Fourth Street Live is $66 million dollar project, a complete waste of $66 million dollars... the one time I went there, I wanted to buy some alcohol, the staff refused to let me in at the top floor, and after walking back down 3 flights of steps, and back up again, the security guard was following me and 2 other guys that I was walking with. I felt so uncomfortable there, I will never go back. Fuck Fourth Street Live. $1... for 99 years! That's how much Mayor Fischer is selling us out for. And while he's selling us out, he's still getting corporate contributions, in order for the corporations to remind Fischer who still controls him. For a dollar! Here's a dollar Mayor Fischer! Hell, I'll give you two dollars! Since that's all it costs. Meanwhile, Louisville's unemployment rate is worse than Kentucky's and Amerika's. Foreclosures are on the rise. Unemployment is on the rise. Homelessness is on the rise. There's at least 10,000 homeless embedded in the cracks in Louisville... Curtis Morrison, a candidate for city council, says: "There's about 20 people living here who don't have another place to live. The shelters are full, and it's winter. Take away their tents, and they are still going to be here. They're just not going to be in tents. I can't live with that." Recently, the case against Occupy Louisville has been bumped up into federal court, where it's been said where Mitch McConnell's thugs are housed, corporatists wolves dressed up in judge's clothing. It was bumped into federal court because the Mayor's officials said ... that freedom of speech was a federal issue, even though in the first section of KY Constitution's bill of rights includes freedom of speech, plus the ights of life, liberty, worship, pursuit of safety and happiness, acquiring and protecting property, peaceable assembly, redress of grievances, and bearing arms. Chris Harrell, the most important lawyer for Occupy Louisville, a divorce lawyer, filed a motion for the initial injunction, and Chris Harrell wrote: “If the City bans tents, then many of the participants will likely leave, or in the alternative, be forced to spend considerably less time ‘occupying.’ Those remaining would do so at considerable risk given the expected drop in temperatures in the coming months … There is no effective alternative to ‘occupation.’ The purpose of this organization is to illustrate themes of inequitable distribution of wealth and economic injustice. By occupying the city of Louisville in a visible location, on public land, the movement is able to demonstrate an egalitarian, non-hierarchical organization that serves as an example of an alternate vision for society as a whole." the 99 year lease that Mayor Fischer and Cordish Companies have, violates Section 164 of the Kentucky Constitution. They provide no support for the proposition that there is constitutional violation in this instance. Section 164 provides: No county, city, town, taxing district or other municipality shall be authorized or permitted to grant any franchise or privilege, or make any contract in reference thereto, for a term exceeding twenty years. Before granting such franchise or privilege for a term of years, such municipality shall first, after due advertisement, receive bids therefor publicly, and award the same to the highest and best bidder; but it shall have the right to reject any or all bids. This section shall not apply to a trunk railway. Fischer also discussed a growing perception problem with reports that he is still raising campaign cash while in office. The donations are paying off Fischer’s nearly $250,000 personal loans and include $1,500 in contributions from a lobbyist who represents Insight Communications, a cable company that is currently in tough negotiations with Metro Government over a franchise agreement. So Mayor Fischer has a pay to play system set up, where Cordish Companies and Insight Communications get the lucrative contracts, while the 10,000 homeless sleep in the mud, or in the dozens of tent city Fischervilles sprinkled around Louisville. Greg Fischer recently pointed out that there's a $30 Million budget gap; instead of forcing taxpayers to pay $25 million Cordish, let's not pay rich people anything, until the homelessness epidemic is squashed. that way, we won't have to worry about a $30 million dollar budget gap. Make Cordish Companies pay the $25 million dollars, and that leaves the City of Louisville with only a $5 million dollar shortfall. Louisville needs to provide $25 million to Louisville's Center City project, so Mayor Fischer is going to raise taxes on food, alcohol, and retail goods sold at 4th Street Live, and whereever he can suck revenues from, to help the marriage of him, with the corporate elite. The City of Louisville relies on tax revenues mostly from property taxes, employee earnings, insurance premiums, and corporate profits. Glenn Smith sent an email to James L Mimms encouraging Mimms to do an investigation, to find some reason to shut the Occupation down. Glenn Smith said that he got with the PNC's security crew to get their security tapes to find alleged criminal wrongdoing. So even though nobody knows who owns Founder's Park, Greg Fischer insists that he owns it, and that Public Works controls it. James L Mimms, or Jim Mimms, the Director of Codes and Regulations, responded by sending an email to Caroline Fletcher to do an investigation in Occupy Louisville; There are only 6 neighbors that are adjacent to Occupy Louisville's current location: Reds, Corn Dog Stand, 2 empty parking lots on Muhammad Ali, a Rectory, Louisville Gardens, bought by the secret deal with Cordish Companies and the City. The Republic Building co-owned by Hill, who admits no harm is coming from occupation. The Cathedral of the Assumption. (They're Catholic, they're all about the poor.) Tower that is on opposite corner of people who, respectfully, part of the 99%, too. Metro Development Center ... And Jim Mims' IPL office. Jim Mimms... Occupy Louisville ain't bothering me... they ain't bothering nobody... so Who is complaining that Occupy Louisville is causing them a problem again?

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