Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A 2011/2012 SGA Resolution to Legalize Gay Marriage

Whereas the Mission Statement of the University of Louisville is committed to diversity, which includes gay men and women in domestic partnerships.

Whereas the Gay Rights Movement is our generation's Civil Rights Movement.

Whereas the world needs more Love.

Whereas gay partnerships represents egalitarian ideals that would benefit heterosexual couples.

Whereas it is nobody's business what two consenting adults are doing in their private quarters.

Whereas passing a Resolution isn't an Act, but instead seeks to express the will of the main advocate of the Student Body, as both SGAs from North Carolina State University and University of Maryland demonstrated this year12, as well as other Student Union representatives have done on many other issues3.

Whereas it's the right thing to do.

THEREFORE, BE IT DECLARED AND RESOLVED, that students at the University of Louisville are henceforth allowed to enter into legal same-sex partnerships.

2 Sarah Meehan, Diamond Online, “SGA Endorses Same Sex Marriage Bill”, [retrived on March 29, 2012]
3Travis Crum, The Daily Athenaeum, “SGA passes Support Towards Israel” (just one example)

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