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UofL SGA Kills Gay Marriage; Gault Leads The Charge

How come SGA and Greek Life got tickets to the Bluegrass War, UofL versus UK, in New Orleans, when most people were denied? Frizzell blames the NCAA. I'm skeptical.

Another question: Why doesn't UofL's Constitution have a Bill of Rights? WTF is up with that? Do Students have any rights? Is the role of our SGA to conceal our rights, and to deny them openly? If so, what was the point of Nathan Hale dying? The members of SGA and Dean Mike Martis (and Brandon McReynolds reluctantly) sounded sincere in the State of the College Address video, when they stated, “Your Voice, Your SGA”. Could my so-called representatives have been lying through their fucking teeth?

SGA, because it is Student Government, is used for Experimentation, to practice for the real world, to try things you normally wouldn't try at the national level. Also, “liberal” college students are supposed to be at The Height of their Idealism, as Hannity unequivocally alleges. Winston Churchill said that all people under 30, if they aren't a liberal, have no heart. This is as far Left humans go, when they are in college, and if this SGA can't see past their meager $600,000 budget, and their privileged white prententious snobby uppity upbring, whose never had to work a real day's work in their goddamned lives, if these rich kids are what the future of Kentucky has got in store for it, well then, expect business as usual from these heartless Conservatives. Expect more corporate sellouts; expect Labor Unions to be demolished, and Healthcare will declared be illegal, the Wars of Empire will never cease, and we'll always have Poor people, and Gay people will have to live in shame, in perpetuity, in underground communes, knowing that they are marked “illegal”, and if a private owner of a business asks somebody to leave because they are gay, then they have to leave. It's the Law. Kentucky passed it in 2004. California just made it illegal again. No gay person anywhere is allowed to get married, and show affection publicly, to have a public ceremony, to show the world who they love, and want to be with for the rest of their lives.

Fuck homophobes. Fuck anybody that would discriminate against somebody just because of their sexual orientation, and fuck those people who support them. I am sick and tired of homophobic discrimination. If you discriminate against gay people, FUCK YOU!. We don't need more hateful fascist asshole bastards out here in this world. So fuck racists, fuck sexists, fuck anti-semitics, and fuck homophobes. The world has too much hate in it already. The world need more love. The world needs more gay people. Their egalitarian relationships give heterosexuals an example of a equal and fair partnership which to live by.

And seriously, who in today's world, seriously gives a fuck what in the fuck two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom? Who does? Well, evidently, Travis Gault does. He took a strong stance today against Gay Rights, and killed the Legalization of Gay Rights. Here in Kentucky, in 2004, the State got it's “I hate Gay People” Amendment passed, which is consistent with Travis Gault's authentic personal convictions (which is everything for him, nothing for anybody else), and with UofL's SGA's policy for 2011/2012. California can't seem to get this issue right, and there appears no hope anywhere. In the State of Kentucky, if the owner of a restaurant asks somebody to leave because they are gay, then they have to leave. Travis Gault obviously isn't perturbed by gay folks getting discriminated against, so that's why Travis Gault pulled out all of the stops. And it's ironic that Travis Gault would take such a strong stance against Gay Marriage, since he is gay himself, and has used that fact to get more votes.

Travis Gault showed his anti-gay marriage sentiments tonight, on April 3, 2012, when he took a strong principled stance against the Resolution to Legalize Gay Marriage. Travis Gault was loud and proud about not representing Gay people anywhere. Travis Gault also admitted that he was tired, and didn't want to work on anything anymore, since it's the end of the year; also because he's an old man. Travis Gault works behind the scenes, sending emails to other Senators, discussing strategies and tactics, and he had been working overtime, and he organized the SGA, beforehand, to kill Legalization of Gay Marriage, and the Resolution to Stop Tuition Hikes, and the Student Bill of Rights, all of which were placed at the end of the agenda, with The Legalization of Gay Marriage being strategically placed at the very end of the SGA meeting, after all other arguments were exhausted on other matters, and the Senators were tired, and wanted to go home. They also shot down Skylar Graudick's Transparency Resolution, because they are filthy corrupt Machiavellian, backstabbing...

They even voted to leave the meeting by 9:20pm, again, in the middle of Senator Skylar Graudick's pitch for his Resolution for Transparency, but then again, it's no surprise that backwards, corrupt, and backdoor-dealing privileged white Republican-wannabes, would be against Transparency. UofL's SGA doesn't want UofL's Student Body to know of a single thing that is decided in that room! The whole thing is a secret. That's why sometimes they move the meetings to other locations at the spur of the moment, or make sure the Law School Building's doors are locked, so nobody can get in, unless they know somebody already on the inside, or if they wait for somebody to walk out, and slip in. The Minutes of the Meeting are supposed to be available to the public, or at least to UofL students, which would be easy if they posted on their website. Instead of doing that, they use “SharePoint”, which only UofL students can access, and it's not user friendly. Checking SharePoint early April 4, 2012, I see that none of the December 2011, or February 2012, or March 2012 minutes have been posted, so that's months of SGA secrecy. I believe in Transparency because if you're not corrupt and dishonest, why do you have to hide? Here's a screenshot of the missing SGA minutes:

At last night's SGA meeting, on April 3, 2012, Travis Gault organized his cadre of Senator bitches in order to sabotage all 3 of the Resolutions that I was proposing, which he succeeded in doing. Travis Gault, the “elected” “Graduate” President/SGA Senator, whose been a student at UofL for 15 years+, and counting, which is longer than President Ramses, and most Professors and Staff and Faculty, led the charge to make sure that: 1) Tuition will be jacked up this June, 6%, the maximum amount, in order to fuck the average student out of $500, and to give President Ramses another $10 million dollars into his $800 million dollars+ or - $100 million dollars University coffers; 2) the average student at UofL has no Cardinal Freedoms or Rights, not even ones already guaranteed in Kentucky's and America's Constitution, and; 3) to Stop Gay Marriage from Being Legalized. He knows how to abuse his privileges, and make up parliamentary tactics in order to Kill a Bill Indefinitely, but yet he hasn't figured out how to find a job. Travis Gault is the same person who has abused the Bill of Rights-less 35 year old Constitution for UofL's White Student Union (SGA) numerous times, when he's using the Supreme Court as a club in order manhandle Kurtis Frizzell, whose been SUED over a dozen times by Travis Gault. And YEAH, I said SUED! These Lord of the Flies young adults actually hold a tribunal, sit on their Supreme Court thrones, and administer justice for all those complaints who come their way, which can be brought forth by any Student of UofL. Travis Gault is acting this way because he's losing relevancy, and because he's a crybaby sore loser. Travis Gault lost the 2010/2011 Presidential election to Kurtis Frizzell, and still hasn't gotten over it.

For Travis Gault to stop the Legalization of Gay Marriage is more appalling because he's openly homosexual, or so he says. Perhaps he's got a Girlfriend. I don't know. I do know that Indefinitely killing the Resolution to Legalize Gay Marriage prevents this Bill from ever coming up again, in these Chambers, with the same Senators. So Travis Gault's attack on Gay Rights has set the Gay Rights movement, at least on UofL's campus, back Centuries. Never again can the Resolution to Legalize Gay Marriage be introduced into the SGA holy chambers.

Another reason this sucks is because I have been consistently, and loyally, the only student, out of the 20,000+ at UofL, who even gives a fuck what the SGA is working on. I'm a Politcal Science Major, and so having an interest in government is only natural. I'm the only student who cares enough to see what they are doing, and I have lots of good ideas. So since the overwhelming majority of them haven't started a dialogue with me, or even tried to, this is why I firmly believe that they, 98% of them, do not represent UofL's 20,000+ Student Body. A good idea is a good idea, and it shouldn't matter who introduced the Idea. In the Battle of Ideas, the best ones should prevail, always. Travis Gault's 15 years has taught him how to, not better represent the students, but instead, to maneuver through the system, making up Robert's Rules of Order when it suits his interests (he called off the Roll Call motion, because he knew that if you make the Senators account for their decisions, they might change their minds), like a Parliamentary Nazi, and because it seems like he has some inkling of a clue of the terms that are used in meetings, the rest of SGA goes along with it, because of their inexperience. It's like Travis Gault is SGA's cranky, elder Grandpa; the Senators don't really like him, but they do respect him for what he seems to know.

Travis Gault did mention one excuse. He said it was badly written. That's a lie. But if Travis Gault's genuinely supports Gay Marriage, then he'd rewrite the Resolution, with better language, and reintroduce it, and pass it. But he won't do it. He won't do it because he doesn't represent the Rights of Gay people, or anybody for that matter, since any injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. The First Resolution, entitled “A Resolution to Stop Tuition Hikes” begins with; “Whereas the Senators of UofL's SGA (2011/2012) empathize with working students, who need to save every nickel and dime they can, for books, rent, internet, car insurance, diapers, etc, in these difficult economic times, to make ends meet.” That's a nice sentence. And it sharply divides the Senators, from those who understand working, and those whose had a cupcake existence, with their Mommy and Daddy handing them everything on a silver platter, desperately to make sure their spoiled elitest snotty children still like their lame selves. SGA also forces it's Senators to wear dress clothes. So if your a Senator who just got off of work, and you come in Flannel and Jeans, they will not take you serious. They hate working class people. They don't associate with them. They are stuck up and pretentious, and they think they are better than everybody. If you don't believe me, try to find ONE so-called “representative” to complain to, and see how they react. Or better yet, write a Letter to the Editor about something serious, and see if they care. The University's Administration has got both of those groups paid off. Again, the Cardinal boycotted UofL's SGA, which has gone on for years, with the Student Body being none the wiser. There lack of actual news content is the reason why nobody picks the paper up, if they ever wise up to that fact.

I wasn't even given the chance to speak or defend the “Resolution to Stop Tuition Hikes”. Nobody was. The Parliamentarian read the title of the Bill, and immediately, SGA voted to Kill the Bill Indefinitely. This was Travis Gault, saying loud and clear that he could give a fuck less if the Board of Trustees, or Council for Public Education, voted in favor of a Tuition Hike. This Resolution would have prevented the SGA President from voting in favor of a Tuition Hike when the Board of Trustees votes on it, in June 2012. If you are favor of a tuition hike, then you should be impeached out of office because you have no authority to say that you represent the Student Body, since you don't, at all. Mexico and Cuba has free college; meanwhile, Kentucky's students are getting raped by 400% increase in tuition fees, since 2005, when tuition was only $2,000 (now it's $9,000). 400%!!! And what has UofL done to stop that inevitable raping, by the Board of Trustees, coming up in June? I mean this warranted ZERO discussion, and this Bill was immediately sent to the Gas Chambers at Auschwitz. Travis Gault pretends to care for the Student Body, but he could give a fuck less. Because of Travis Gault, the Act to Stop Tuition Hikes up for a vote. They didn't even consider it. It wasn't even read outloud. Why would you vote against something you didn't know? When SGA was voting against “The Resolution to Stop Tuition Hikes”, they were gleeful, and they were laughing, like how privileged white people are. 2011/2012's SGA were like a pack of carnivorous wolves circling a lamb they are about to devour; like how gleeful the Manson Family after they murdered Sharon Tate.

SGA is filled with a bunch of privileged kids, whose never had to work a day in their lives. What do they give a fuck if tuition is jacked up another $500? What's $500 of rich Mommy and Daddy's money? $500 to me is motha fucken rent. It's kind of bullshit that they didn't hear me out. I've got college loans over $40,000; is this what I paid for? Is this some real world experience? What would you do if the person who stopped your Act to Legalize Gay marriage was gay? Does that leave anybody else's head scratching? Plus it's clear why SGA could give a fuck less about Tuition. They're rich kids, yeah, but they are also structurally tied to the tuition increase. When the Tuition increases, then the Student Fee is to take a piece of that increase. SGA doesn't give a fuck about Tuition because when Tuition is jammed down our throats, they get paid.

Skylar Graudick called a Division, and a Roll Call. A Roll Call is when everybody who voted, puts their name into the public record of their vote. While the Roll Call was going on, tediously, Travis Gault interrupted with a motion. He was argued down. Many of UofL's SGA Senators were laughing sinisterly, the ones who were going to vote for Tuition Hikes, like sadistic psychopaths, like people who can't empathize with other people.

3 of next year's Top 4 are current Senators, were present. Austin Schwenker and Sirena Wurth abstained from voting, which I appreciated. Carrie Mattingly, however, after hesitating for a moment, reverified her previous position to vote down Gay Marriage. Carrie Mattingly condescending acted like only she could talk to the administration, since she's a “qualified professional”, during this year's debates. If one of the “Top 4”, the Vanguard Group of students who controls UofL's SGA, is already in bed with the Administration, can we students even pretend that they represent us? Carrie Mattingly's strong stance in favor of Tuition Hikes, and against Gay Marriage is foreshadowing how SGA 2012/2013 is going to represent UofL's Student Body next year.

Having a Roll Call vote is smart in order to ensure accurate votes. As the Roll Call went along, it seemed like more and more folks were abstaining, and it looked as if the tide could have been turning, in my favor, when the faux “pro-gay rights” Travis Gault jumped in. Travis Gault asserted that a Roll Call can't be called if it's used to slow the process down. He's right about that, partially. It's actually more complicated than that; Roll Calls are routine in many government bodies; also, the spirit of Robert's Rules of Order is not upheld in the SGA Chambers. Travis Gault also asserted that if you are a proxy, then you probably don't want to have your name attached to your vote. That's such bullshit! This motha fucka is so corrupt. All votes should have all names of the representatives on it, with who voted for it, and who voted against it. All Senators should be held to account for all of their votes.

When the Senate went through their motions, and immediately killed the bill, Skylar had patted my shoulder to indicate to me that the fight was over, and that I had lost. I sat down, immediately.

Robert's Rules of Order warns of dilatory Roll Call votes. Here's the pertinent rules of Roll Call, on page 405:

“Taking a vote by roll call has the effect of placing on the record how each member or, sometimes each delegation, votes;” … “it is usually confined to REPRESENTATIVE bodies, where the proceedings are published, since it enables constituents to know how their representatives voted on certain measures. It should not be used in a mass meeting or in any assembly whose members are not responsible to a constituency.”

“In a representative body, if there is no legal or constitutional provision specifying the size of the minority that can order a roll-call vote, the body should adopt a rule fixing the size of such a minority—for example, one fifth of those present, as in Congress, or some other portion of those present that is less than a majority. In the absence of such a special rule, a majority vote is required to order the taking of a vote by roll call—in which case a motion to do so is likely to be useless, since its purpose is to force the majority to go on record. In local societies having a large membership but relatively small attendance at meetings, a motion to take a vote by roll call is generally dilatory.”

Carrying over to Page 406, we see a tactic that Skylar Graudick could have used, and it would have been “in order”:

“It is in order, as one of the Motions Relating to Methods of Voting, however, to move “that a signed ballot be taken by tellers;” and if such a vote is ordered, the voter writes “yes” or “no” on the ballot and signs it. The votes can be recorded in the minutes just as a roll call would be, but the names of all members need not be called. A roll-call vote cannot be ordered in committee of the whole.”

Right before the first page of Robert's Rules of Order, on page XLVII, the Principles Underlying Parliamentary Law are set forth, which provide a mental framework for how government meetings are supposed to work. The very first sentences says: “The rules of parliamentary law found in this book will, on analysis, be seen to be constructed upon a careful balance of the rights of persons or subgroups within an organization's or an assembly's total membership. That is, these rules are based on a regard for the rights: 1) of the majority; 2) of the minority, especially a strong minority—greater than one third; 3) of individual members; 4) of absentees, and; 5) of all these together.” Later on, down the same page, it states that “Each individual or subgroup has the right to make the maximum effort to have his, her, or its position declared the will of the assembly to the extent that can be tolerated in the interests of the entire body.” So basically, the way a government meeting is supposed to be run, is that the minority gets their say, and the majority gets their way. UofL's SGA meetings have not adhered to this basic Principle Underlying Parliamentary Law. So while it's impressive that Travis Gault faintly remembered knew something from page 405, he can't call himself an Parliamentarian expert until he has at least read the Introduction of Robert's Rules of Order, and understands that thoroughly. Since the minority gets their say, and the majority get their way, that means I should have gotten my say. One Resolution was murdered with no words of defense. The Student Bill of Rights was a cumbersome document that I wasn't ready to present yet, so I passed on it, and then the Resolution to Legalize Gay Marriage, I was cut off before I could call for one of the Senators to call a Motion, which Skylar Graudick could have done, but Travis Gault beat him to the punch. Considering how corrupt and dishonest and unethical Travis Gault is, there's little doubt that Travis Gault installed himself as President of the Graduate Council, again, for the 1 millionth year in the row.

Since the February and March minutes haven't been posted, I'm not too confident that last night's minutes will be posted. If they do post the minutes, I'm curious to see how close the minutes come to the actual conversation. I doubt the minutes will accurately reflect reality, since the Court Reporter was actually arguing with me, instead of recording, which was Out of Order. Skylar Graudick sponsored all 3 of the Resolutions, since he believed that anybody ought to at least be able to introduce Resolutions, and because he agreed with them, asked me if I was going to drop the Bill of Rights, and I said that I did, since I had no confidence that SGA represents me, which after they had aborted “The Resolution to Stop Tuition Hikes”, I didn't. 

Then the Parliamentarian read the title of the “Resolution to Legalize Gay Marriage”, and I walked out into the middle of the floor. Skylar also walked out. I was waiting for the Parliamentarian to recognize me. He seemed busy on his computer, probably hesitating because he didn't want me to have the microphone. I waited until he was ready, and he nodded, and so I began:

“Who in the Fuck gives a Fuck, what two people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms?”

A lovely Black Senator in the front row interrupted me and said something about being nicer, and folks would take me more serious. I ignored her and continued, softer:

“But seriously, who in the fuck gives a fuck what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms?” One woman in the back, the woman who Chairs the Appropriation Committee, raised her hand. I'm not sure if she was identifying herself as a person who didn't like gay people, or if she was wanting to call some procedural thing.

“Do you care?”, I asked a female Senator in the front row. She looked away.

The Blonde Court Reporter, who sits in the Front of the Room, next to President Frizzell, says something like, “Don't cuss in here.”

I respond: “Well, that's free speech. Oh wait, that's right, you all don't have the Bill of Rights [referencing the necessity of Student Bill of Rights Resolution], and you want to talk about credentials![referencing to the lack of credentials I had, which stopped me from being appointed Associate Justice, which Max Morley promised me he'd do, if he was elected President] None of y'all have credentials.”

“Who cares?”, I said, with my hand raised, to encourage anybody else to raise their hands, and to identify themselves. I turned around and looked at President Frizzell. He was looking all around. I was about to ask Travis, but he instead interrupted, Out of Order, but he doesn't care, he just blurts anything out whenever it suits his interests. I should have hurried up and finished what I was going to say, “It's 2012, it's time to take a stand, pass this Resolution.” but I never got that chance, because of Travis Gault. I waited nearly 2 hours to get my chance to speak, and they didn't even give me one second for the first Resolution, and silenced me after me getting to say 2 of the 3 sentences I had prepared. Travis Gault called for a motion to kill the bill indefinitely, with no discussion at all. Seriously, if I had introduced a Resolution to Genocide the Jews, I could expect me to be interrupted, and silenced, and to have the bill killed immediately, and forever. But I didn't introduce no such Evil. Instead, I introduced Goodness, and Love, and Equality, and Fairness, and for Gay Men, like Travis Gault, and Woman to get married, but Travis Gault killed it.

The Dean of Students of UofL, Mike Martis, was there to see the whole boring show, including my 1 minute interlude. Mike Martis and I have got some history. Last year, on November 28, 2011, during a torrential downpour, I set up a Tent on the Quad of UofL. Mike Martis came into the Tent, with his muddy shoes, and he pretended like he was listening to what I was saying. I was open, and free with information, but I fear that he mistake my niceness for weakness. I was very much pissed that he ordered the Tent shutdown. He said he'd allow it for a day, but by Midnight it was coming down. And by Midnight, Physical Plant, and the Campus Police, tag teamed the Tent, and ransacked it, and stole it. Mike's always pretending. He pretended when he was following the Student Walkout Protest last year. Mike said he was doing it for our protection. Mike also attended the Rally for Higher Education, again, for “our protection”. Mike also babysits SGA, and is always there, watching them, making sure they don't stray from their submissive role. Mike Martis is also involved with the Voting of SGA, with his easy-as-hell to use Diebold-like Internet voting machine (of which is required for real SGA students, but not the Graduate students... it's odd how no Graduates voted for the current Graduate Council... weird...), but it's just him. All of the students vote, and he's in his office. He sees the results. He prints the results up. And we're expected to believe that everything went off without a hitch. Maybe there's something there, maybe not. A little transparency of the Dean of Student's office wouldn't hurt either. In fact, it was because of that November tent ransacking, where the idea of getting a student Bill of Rights came from. I started to wonder, who here at UofL actually protects me and my freedoms? Occupy Louisville still has Tents there. How come they got Free Speech, and I don't? I didn't realize that when I stepped onto UofL's campus, that I stepped out of America. Martis's secret police (Physical Plant) have fucked with me before, and so Martis might try to make some hay outta this. I don't see how he could. Max Morley's cursed many times, and saying fuck isn't a crime. I'm pretty sure there's an Amendment in the real Constitution, America's, not the one the children play with, who probably only 4 of them whose actually read the damn thing.

Overall, there's a lot going on. UofL's SGA, the Administration, the Cardinal, and the Student Body (90% of the Student Body did not vote for the current SGA; also, not one single graduate student voted for the Graduate Council, which has Travis Gault as the elected “President”) are all independent and autonomous factions, and none dare enter into each other's spheres. SGA is filled to the brim with rich kids. All they know is a privileged existence. Nobody goes to the meetings because they are corrupt as shit. Nobody goes to the meetings because they already know that their voice is not represented.

One ironic thing: had “E-board” (which is the committee that kills bills and ideas and dreams), approved me as Associate Justice, then I would be Constitutionally mandated to keep my opinions about anything SGA related to myself, or I'd be kicked out. Had SGA known that, I think they would have reconsidered putting me there. Then they would have had some power over me. So SGA may be assholes, but they aren't smart about it. They're stupid assholes. They just wanted to vote down anything I had proposed, no matter how perfect and dreamlike my Resolutions were written. Travis Gault and Friends would have killed Martin Luther King Jr.'s Civil Rights Bill, too, indefinitely, with no discussion, and SGA would have been delighted with itself all the same. They would have told King to not be so loud and demanding. So I'm relieved that I wasn't chosen for Associate Justice, because then I would have been muzzled, and I plan on sticking around for awhile.

Overall, what the individual average person should get out of this, is that no matter how nice Travis Gault may seem, do not trust him. He's an evil heartless fascist. Travis Gault does not represent Gay people, or Graduate students, or anybody, except himself and maybe his entourage. Unless it's a choice between him and his entourage, then of course, Travis Gault will always pick Travis Gault. Maybe he read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, and so that's where his megalomania comes from, since the main character was John Galt. It's shameful not only because of the backdoor, behind the scenes, backstabbing, and secretive ways of Travis Gault, but also because Travis Gault's bloodlust was so powerfully strong, that he was willing to vote against his own interests. Travis Gault is the Larry Craig of the University of Louisville. Larry "Wide Stance" Craig supported the "Federal Marriage Amendment" in 2006, and then ironically, later he was caught by Federal agents trying to illicit gay sex in a bathroom. Here's a Bill Maher clip on the Craig scandal: The public official Larry Craig makes the man Larry Craig live a closeted lifestyle, and the same is true of Travis Gault.

Does everything SGA does have to have Travis Gault's name on it? I wouldn't mind witnessing a lively and vibrant discussion amongst SGA's 38 members, during one of their meetings. The Insiding Out of Travis Gault goes to prove that if you go into politics without a moral core, then you're virtually guaranteed to become corrupted. Travis Gault is just an empty shell of his possible “good” former self. Heartless fascists generally don't like me, and are nervous around me, not because of anything a pacifist committed to non-violence would do, but because they know that I can see right through them; I can see right through their facade, through their fake human-looking shell, through their wickedness, through their fascist heartlessness, their uncaring, unfeeling empty cavity, like rot in a hollowed out wooden tree. April 16, 2012 is the last meeting for SGA.

Last night was one big fucking gigantic waste of time.

Also, not surprisingly, the Cardinal, the “student” newspaper, wasn't in attendance.

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